Dear circle of impact, 


The Mexoxo community has been experiencing a tremendous loss. Elpida's mother, after 16th months of a heroic fight with pancreatic cancer, has left this world. The whole community is shaken as Dimitra Rodopoulou was an incredible woman and guiding light for all of us. 


We hold the heritage of grace, power, empathy, dignity, and love that Dimitra left with us and we continue our dedicated work to our mission. Dimitra had supported thousands of women to find their equal and equitable place, and first of all her daughter Elpida. 


We feel honored to have Dimitra's spirit and guidance forever in our hearts and minds and we commit to transferring this treasure to millions of women around the world. 


As Dimitra used to say to Elpida "You are never alone if you hug and kiss yourself".