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"MEXOXO" is a civil non-profit organization that supports women to reach their full potential. Believing that education is the tool for development and change, "MEXOXO" encourages, enables and facilitates women's active participation in business, employment, learning and community.


The objectives of "MEXOXO Civil Non-Profit Company" are: 

  • To assist the general public in order to develop, disseminate and establish social entrepreneurship.

  • To provide all kinds of assistance to socially vulnerable groups and persons. 

  • To provide services and support to individuals or groups of people who are in need or inquire about this need for assistance.


"MEXOXO" ’ s vision to democratize education for women globally can only be achieved by addressing the following crucial needs that constitute key barriers to their socioeconomic growth and their emergence from vulnerable situations such as:

  • Lack of Education

  • Unemployment

  • Financial Instability

  • Lack of educational and employment opportunities due to the geographical boundaries and human characteristics

  • Lack of a gender-specific support network in the professional sphere


In the context of the continuous improvement of the way it operates and the services it provides, "MEXOXO Civil Non-Profit Company" has developed and implements a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with the requirements of the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. 


The Management of "MEXOXO Civil Non-Profit Company" is committed to:

  • the effective implementation of the EMS

  • The implementation of the requirements of the legislation concerning the operation of the company

  • ensuring and providing the necessary resources to meet the requirements of the EMS and its continuous improvement


This Policy is publicly available, supported by measurable objectives and reviewed annually by the Management of "MEXOXO Civil Non-Profit Company"

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