MExoxo is a non-profit organization founded by Elpida in 2013 in Mexico. Two years after its creation, the organization officially pledged a commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative to empower 5,000 women by 2020. The mission was fulfilled in 16 countries at the end of 2019 and MExoxo was nominated by the National Greek Delegation for the UNESCO Prize for Women's and Girls Education 2020. Along the seven years of operations with the vision to unleash every woman's potential and through synergies with civil society organizations, businesses, academia, and governmental organizations, MExoxo has empowered, educated, and connected 5,500+ women directly and 21,000 indirectly offering them $1M value in growth opportunities in 16 countries.



Women who enter the program receive empowerment-coaching through our #breakyourceiling framework, as we believe in the human potential that every woman hides in her soul. Elpida since 2016 has developed a 5 step system, #breakyourceiling, helping women to overcome their fears in personal and professional life and discover their inner strengths which later become the drivers for them to thrive.

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We educate women on the latest business trends and strategies through the valued partnerships we have developed around the world. Our methods include online and offline personalized approach, interactive and gender-specific methodology. We are focusing on industries such as technology, tourism, fashion and food.


We connect women with our global network of 250 partnerships and 7000 mentors which results in tremendous opportunities for them. As of today, our women received $1M in value for their projects in actual money or growth opportunities.

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