Write Her Future with Lancôme

Elpida, becomes the ambassador of "Write Her Future" in Greece promoting the core values of Lancôme: beauty, empathy, power, freedom, noblesse.

She becomes the connective chain among #MexoxoWomen and Lancôme with the aim to empower, educate, and inspire them to "write" a memorable future for themselves and their communities.


If you have completed one of Mexoxo’s programs you can apply and become one of the 12 "Write Her Future" success stories that will be featured by Elpida to elculture.gr 


Eligible beneficiaries are the ones that have completed the programs:

  • Counting Stars

  • One on One

  • Break Your Ceiling 

  • Mother & Daughter 

  • Women Empowered 

  • Kick Off Business

  • Work In Tech

  • Small Places Big Dreams

Lancôme and Mexoxo wants to support you in writing your future!

Apply here and your story of success will be evaluated by the Write Her Future Judging Committee!

Meet the Judging Committee

Fotis Rigas | CEO at Executive Level Human Factor

Fotis Rigas received his BA degree in Marketing in 2000 and later in 2005 an MBA degree. He has worked as sales manager, logistic manager, commercial director, managing partner in different industries such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing and HR. 
Currently he is the Founder and CEO at Executive Level and the Managing Director at Human Factor LTD. His expertise is on peoples’ management but not limited to that whereas his pc skills and technical background is of a high level.

Ioanna Fatourou

Ioanna studied economics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and then extended her knowledge with an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. Ioanna began her career as brand manager on Skincare in the Reckitt Benckiser company and then she moved to the headquarters in London as part of the Global Team. Ioanna began to work at L’oreal when she came back to Greece in 2009 and she has been director at Lancôme the last 4 years.

Mohamed Rochdi

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