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The power of education

We live in an era that evolves at high velocity. To navigate ourselves through our living years we need to find anchors that keep us safe. As much as I try to think about it in an innovative or different way, I always return back to the basics. The only thing that has lasted in time and has advanced society to progress, is education. I think it is important to approach the meaning of education in a broad and holistic manner since it will be unfair to close it in a narrow box. Five explanations that resonate with me and Mexoxo:

1. Education as a value: We think of education as something external that comes at a particular time of our life but it is not just that. We get educated from the first second of our life. We learn about tenderness, nurturing, food, emotions, we learn how to walk, how to position our bodies to the earth. If you think about it, in just two years we learn how to posture our bodies for the next 70-85 years. Our beloved ones give us the first bits and bites of our core education. We need to understand, appreciate, evaluate, differentiate and cherish this knowledge as we grow.

2. Education as an accreditation: Nurseries, schools, universities, masters, Ph.D. 's, certificates, seminars, volunteer work, individual reading, watching, and studying come to expand our capacity as humans and to define our role in the societies we live in. Official education is so important to who we are and our social status. It fuels our dreams, our plans, and our paths. We should not take it for granted and we should not only try to acquire the knowledge for ourselves but also transmit it to other people. Sharing our knowledge within our circle of impact is the most sustainable way to impact this world.

3. Education as a force: I just love how education is a force. It's fascinating how such a concept can define the force behind every development we experience. It can ensure a more exciting life, a higher income, a sense of peace in the heart, tremendous stability in our self-esteem. The democratization of education is here and it's going to stay so if you find yourself flirting with learning something new, go for it. Knowledge will not lead you astray.

4. Education as a heritage for the future: To write this article I looked back in history. In my effort to understand what is this one component of the heritage that fostered human evolution I repeatedly concluded that education is. We need to protect education and transfer it to the next generations as the most precious global treasure. That's our long-lasting footprint on humanity. It can only be done collectively and individually at the same time.

5. Education as an attitude: Once, a wise man told me: "I am a teacher and I am a student. The moment you stop learning you will lose everything." Appreciating both roles of education is an attitude of safety. An attitude that puts the ego aside and leaves space for thoughtful considerations about who we were, who we are, and who we become.

That's how we embarked on this magical trip, called Write Her Future, together with Lancôme. We aim to continue to be allies of education for all women who come into our circle of impact. Together we can achieve so much more than alone.

What other explanations would you give on education? Maybe music?

xoxo Elpida

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