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Hult Prize - A Generation of Change

Would you ever imagine that there will be an organization that will lead a whole generation to change the world? There is and its name is Hult Prize!

Back in 2010 and while studying for my MBA at the Hult International Business School in Boston I had the opportunity to become a volunteer and join the organizing team of the first official Hult Prize event ever. The volunteering position offered me afterwards a great job in the Hult Prize organization in Boston and for 3 years I saw the initiative grow from a campus student event to a huge movement of change. I take great pride in being the first employee of such a great cause.

The 2022 Hult Prize Call to Action is about creating meaningful work opportunities. Millions of students from around the world are called to build a business that will employ at least 2,000 people by 2024 while creating a positive impact on the world. The case study is a great learning material even if you are not participating as a student so make sure you check it out by visiting the Hult Prize's website.

For the last 6 years, I am really glad to participate on the honorary judging committee and mentoring pull. Hundreds of ideas, thoughts, business plans are presented every year, all under one mission: How to drive change in the world. As a judge, I have the opportunity to hear all these young people from all over the world come up with such innovative ideas and I am always left with a big hope because the next generation of leaders is evolving and stands up on precious values of kindness, diversity and inclusivity.

Last week, together with Mexoxo's COO, Stavroula Zervoulakou during the Hult Prize 2022 campus events we had the chance to see more than 12 diverse teams presenting. Surely the London Campus winner is a big yes and I very much look forward to seeing them grow and succeed. Skyteam through their product Redemption Roses has a mission to create 2000 jobs for vulnerable people. Join me to congratulate Henry Wade, Stella K., Fé F. de Ruijter, Tommy Spitz for their amazing work!

Hult Prize's Finals are taking place at the United Nations Headquarters and the winning team gets awarded with one million USD to implement their scalable idea. If you are a student or you have a student within your circle of impact, spread the word.

The journey of participating in such an initiative is magical and will leave you with gracious gifts for the future, as it did for me.

Good luck to all the participants but also to the amazing Hult and EF staff for leading such global change.

xoxo Elpida

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