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"A nation with deep knowledge not only reads, but calculates, examines and innovates!"

A superb hands-on event, where each girl with her mother become a team and acknowledge and learn about STEM & robotics and are getting ready to break their limits!

We aim to:

  • To arise the essence that women can succeed in the world of STEM.

  • To erase the belief that  the smart cases are developed by men.

  • To strengthen the confidence of girls and women.

  • To give the opportunity to females to get involved with STEM.

  • To learn that prosperity comes from the quality we “offer” to our planet, within the education we offer to our children.

A full day program (10:00AM-3:30PM) is organized for Mothers and Daughters!

(Catering included)

Join us at 18/6 in Patras.

Venue: Patras Science Park

Program of the Day

Curator: Dianna Voutirakou

(Applicable ages: 11-14 years)


Welcome & Breakfast


Construction engineering. Mothers & Daughters are constructing a bridge and a vehicle with weight 6kg will pass this unique bridge (material will be given). 



Coding.  We are programming an arduino card. Please bring your laptop together.  In this session we will see how constants, variables & input/out devices are functioning.



Lunch break



Robotics.  We use an arduino card and we use everything we have learned in the coding session to light a led and mothers & daughters will play "stone, scissor, paper" with the arduino.

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