Due to the emergence of COVID-19 in Greece and the rest of the world, we took the initiative to support all women entrepreneurs/ professionals, who feel unsure about their professional pursuit and many more, with the 123 Guide MeXOXO, which is completed by three vital phases:


1. #Rwta: Ask us anything you have on your mind about your business during the COVID-19 outbreak crisis by sending us an e-mail to hope@mexoxo.org.

2. #Mila: Watch our Live Q&A interviews with Elpida Founder & CEO of MeXOXO and esteemed guests.

3. #Moirasou: Online Group Counceling Sessions for women entrepreneurs with Mental Health Experts (2-5 people). Sign up here.

Our goal is to create a safe environment for all women proffessionals in Greece and a network of experts of all field that will provide with valuable information and specific advices all women that are facing difficulties due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Discover all the LIVE Q&A in the section of #Mila with Elpida  Founder & CEO of MeXOXO and amazing guests from the field of entrepreneurship allover the world.

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